FaZe secure the Top 4 at Fall Finals with a 2-0 over Heroic

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Dec 20

After demolishing OG in the opener, FaZe has continued their strong form with a 2-0 win over the Major Finalists Heroic. The win sees FaZe top their group and guarantees an appearance in the Fall Finals Playoffs.

While the seeding was only for playoffs seeding, after the disaster that was the major FaZe needed a strong showing here to inspire confidence in the team. And after the decimation they handed Heroic today, they look more dominant than ever.

Ancient started with a Martin “stavn” Lund 1v3 pistol win that boosted Heroic to a 5-1 start on the T-side. Despite the Danes slowing down later in the half, they put up a 7-round half. Quite a feat on the most CT-sided map in the pool.

Heroic continued their performance in the second half, racing up to a 14-11 half. But that’s when the classic FaZe reared its head. What I term “FaZe BS rounds” were on the menu. It all started with a 2vs4 followed by a Robin “ropz” Kool 1v3. And before Heroic could realise what had happened, FaZe had run 5 rounds in a row to win the map, powered by a 34-kill game from Helvijs “broky” Saukants.

Much like this match was a return to the usual from FaZe Clan after a disappointing major, Inferno was a return of the mentally fragile Heroic that we’ve become used to seeing over the last year. The team that powered through against the Brazilian crowd in the Major versus Furia was gone.

Casper “cadiaN” Møller’s troops could not hold off the attack on their CT side, allowing FaZe to rack up a quick 7 rounds. And it’s not like the actual rounds were closer than the scoreline, Heroic managed just 10 kills in those 7 rounds of play. The half ended up being a beatdown. FaZe were moments away from victory with an 11-4 scoreline.

With nothing left in the Heroic tank, all FaZe had to do was win the 2nd round upset and the game was over. 16-5 for FaZe as we see the bounce-back of one of the most unique teams in history.

With this victory, FaZe ensure a playoff appearance at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The fans at the Royal Arena will once again get the opportunity to watch Finn “karrigan” Andersen at work. With the absence of Astralis at the event, they might even cheer for the Danish in-game leader.

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