Evil Geniuses CEO LaPointe Jameson denies allegations of abuse against team MVP Danny

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Dec 20

The CEO of of Evil Geniuses made a statement on social media today in regards to allegations of abuse of mistreatment towards current inactive player Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki. Said allegations stem from leaked remarks and message made by the family of Danny, allegedly revealed by caster Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont during a stream. The family comments allege that EG’s mistreatment of the player is what led to Danny’s absence from the team following the Summer Split and before the season continued. EG’s Chief Executive Officer Nicole LaPointe Jameson addressed the allegations via video on Twitter.

In the comments, LaPointe Jackson says the allegations “shock and surprise”, and that said allegations are untrue. The claims come off the heels of Danny taking a mental health leave of absence from the team and an aura of support from EG and its coaching staff, despite rumors to the contrary.

This news and the CEO’s comments come weeks after the inactive announcement of Dany, with LaPoint Jackson saying at the time that “One of these changes is related to our ADC role, which rightfully raises questions around the status of Danny.” She continued, “While he won’t be starting with us this split, I’m happy to say he is still an Evil Genius and we continue to support him.”

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