VCS Saigon Buffalo to be bought out by JUEGO

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Dec 20

The MSI and Worlds 2022 VCS representative. Saigon Buffalo. has been bought out by Korean company JUEGO. This is the first foray for the company into the League of Legends esports scene. The announcement came on November 30, on Twitter, just less than a month after the team announced they were searching for new investors and/or a new owner.

Saigon Buffalo is a Vietnamese League of Legends team that first began in 2019. Competing in the VCS the team have frequently placed second in the spring and summer splits. They have also competed at international tournaments on behalf of the VCS. Including in the place of GAM Esports at MSI 2022. 2022 marked the team’s first Worlds and MSI appearance, on behalf of GAM Esports and the wider VCS region as the second seed (Worlds 2022).

With rosters frequently comprised of young plays and fresh hungry talent, the team quickly became associated as a wildcard-among-wildcards, a team that worked hard and did well — claiming sixth place at MSI 2022 and nineteenth at Worlds 2022.

These results were highly impressive due to recurrent visa issues for the roster to even appear at Worlds 2022. It was also a historic reappearance after the VCS missed two Worlds (2020 and 2021) due to the COVID19 policy in Vietnam. Their legacy is a strong one, notorious to all those who love an underdog.

Interestingly, throughout the various eras of Saigon Buffalo, many of the players have remained the same. Lâm Huỳnh Gia Huy ‘Hasmed’ (top), Trần Văn Chính ‘BeanJ’ (jungle), Bùi Văn Minh Hải ‘Froggy’ (mid), Đinh Anh Tài ‘Taki’ (support) and Đinh Anh Tài ‘Ren’ (coach), all joined the roster in 2021 and stayed to the end of the 2022 season.

The team announced on October 19 that they were looking for new investors or new sponsors to raise funds, and just over a month later, they have a new owner.

JUEGO are a South Korean organisation who already have a Valorant team under their branding, who competed in the VCT Korea Challenger series during 2022 (stage 2). This is their first foray into the world of competitive League of Legends, and starting with a prominent VCS wildcard team seems like a good place to start.

JUEGO announced on their official Twitter the acquiring of Saigon Buffalo and the start of the new journey for the organisation.

The buyout by Korean company JUEGO means some drastic changes for the team, including a name change. Saigon Buffalo will compete as CNJ Esports in the VCS and will likely require a new roster as the coaching staff have left following the 2022 season. Other than that, it is unclear what else will change as the buyout still needs to be confirmed by Riot Games.

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