Team Liquid LCS 2023: a starting roster to challenge everyone

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Dec 20

Team Liquid fans ⁠— listen up! The esports organization just announced their League of Legends LCS 2023 season, and there is a lot to be excited about.

Team Liquid is an North American esports organization involved in a range of esports. Most notably is their League of Legends team that previously featured Seren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Yiliang “Peter” ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

Originally created in the year 2000, Team Liquid entered the League of Legends sphere in 2015. They have a history as an organization of high results both regionally and internationally and are notorious for this level of success.

Team Liquid had attempted to put together a super roster of the very best talent available in 2022. But it wasn’t meant to be and the roster could be described as a bit of a flop. The roster did not make an appearance at Worlds 2022 or MSI 2022. Despite the big names on board, fans were left disappointed.

As such, the roster was scrapped almost entirely with the promise to fans of bringing in fresh talent rather than just buying in the best. Fans waited with a lot of anticipation for this announcement and to see more from Team Liquid. This starting roster is definitely something for fans to be excited about and to see if Team Liquid will progress to Worlds 2023.

The 2023 starting roster for Team Liquid again has some big names and some familiar names. But fundamentally, the bringing in of new talent is present.

The starting roster is as follows:

Yes Team Liquid fans, you read that right.

The 2022 World champion from the LCK team DRX, Pyosik, is coming to North America to play alongside CoreJJ. If that isn’t something to be hyped about, I don’t know what is.

With these names, there are high expectations. Especially considering two players are technically from the LCK as well as an LCO import. For fans, the familiarity and continuity of CoreJJ definitely inspires confidence for the LCS 2023 season. With a familiar face and strong player who is reliable, the roster has a well-known and well-trusted support.

As well as bringing in new talent, Yeon was part of the academy team and has been promoted to the LCS team. This is definitely positive, as it shows Team Liquid listened to fans’ wishes for academy players to have their talent developed and be given a chance on the main stage. The same can be said for Haeri, who was also part of the academy team.

And then two huge imports. Summit, who has previously competed in the LCS on Cloud9, returned to the LPL to play on FPX. But his move to Team Liquid signals his return to the LCS once more, and his reliability as a strong and dominant top laner is all too familiar to fans of other teams.

This discussion wouldn’t be complete without circling back to the import of the current world champion jungler Pyosik. He’s loved by fans for his play style and personality that always shines through.

This is a roster to watch out for, and it may just be the super roster the LCS has been waiting for.

“ Bjergsen leaves Team Liquid after the super roster disbands Bjergsen leaves Team Liquid's LCS team after just one season with the team. News Nia Quinn Nov 11

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