LoL Esports announces new event for 2023 kickoff

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Dec 20

Riot has finally announced the LoL Esports 2023 Kickoff event. For fans of League of Legends, LoL Esports is known for all the events that are announced but it has been a while since we have seen a new one hit the scene. Until today.

Season Kickoff as it will be known, is going to be an event to celebrate the start of the new ranked season as well as the start of the LoL Esports Spring splits internationally.

This event will be similar to All Stars, wherein all the LoL Esports regions will get to play across a two day broadcast to put on a showcase for fans to take a peek into the rift and see what we can expect from LoL Esports heading into the 2023 season.

As well as watch pros show off their latest picks and see how the 2023 pre season changes are affecting the rift. Helping fans get ahead for climbing the ranked ladder.

The event will take place between January 10 and 11, marking the start of the ranked season and the beginning of the 2023 Spring split.

As usual, it will be broadcast to fans across the world, most likely through the LoL Esports site – as in keeping with broadcast of other international tournaments such as MSI and Worlds.

Season Kickoff replaces the former All Stars event, which was a custom for many years and was a chance for players to showcase new plays and picks. As before the same set of regions will be present, so all of them, but it is unclear how teams for each region will work.

We are expecting the LCO (the Australian league) to compete as part of the PCS due to the changes taking place within the region.

All Stars, as great of an event as it fundamentally was, was difficult to organise for everyone involved. The competition meant pro players got very little break during the off season and often headed into their own regional league off the back of All Stars tired from competing before regular split even started.

Instead Season Kickoff acts as a balance between All Stars and nothing at all. It will be two days to allow players to have an off season still, and gives fans an exciting event to watch out for to the end the 2022 season and look towards the 2023 season.

And of course, there is a sense of pride for the regions competing as you get to once again cheer for your home region.

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