Dota 2 Giga Chad SabeRLight parts ways with TSM while pub star Kasane takes his place

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Dec 20

One of North America’s finest Dota 2 teams in TSM had its first roster shuffle with Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek. Before they were signed by the esteemed organization, the former team Undying became a fan favorite of Dota 2 fans. And as per the season of roster changes, TSM is no exception. For First time in the team’s history in Dota, offlaner SabeRLight leaves the organization for the Russian pub star Kasane.

SabeRLight has made quite a name for himself while on the TSM squad. He’s become a community figurehead as a “Giga Chad.” With tons of memes, big plays and even bigger trash talk–all in harmless fun. Although we don’t know where SabeRLight is heading as rumors are constantly circulating regarding roster shuffles. The current, most popular theory is that he’ll be joining the ex-EG, Alameda 2018, as the only player they are missing is an offlaner.

Replacing one of TSM’s most prominent players like SabeRLight is quite a feat. However, it seems TSM has found their man. Enter Ilyas “Kasane” Gainullin. A 19-year-old Russian player who’s a rising pub star. Currently ranked 26th in all of the European regions, he’s quite a prodigy in the offlane. Unfortunately, there is not much information about him outside of his Liquipedia profile. All we know for sure is that he’s mainly played in tier three and four tournaments with moderate success. We’ll just have to tune in to the DPC season to find out how he’ll fare.

We don’t know the reason for SabeRLight’s departure from TSM. At the moment, there does not seem to be any kind of bad blood nor conflict regarding the shuffle. However, the announcement is recent and that could change.

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