G2 NiKo: “For 2023, we definitely will try to be a more stable team and be more consistent.”

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Dec 20

In 2021 NiKo showed us the peaks of what a rifle can achieve in CSGO. And G2’s roster moves were supposed to build a team around their superstar that could challenge for titles. While they showed glimpses of greatness at IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League Season 16, the team has had a disappointing year overall.

Before the final event of the year, we talked to NiKo to discuss G2’s expectations for the BLAST World Finals and his thoughts about the M4A1-S changes.

Arnav “xL” Shukla: So, we’ve all talked about G2 missing the Major. We’re coming into the World Finals, How has the practice been for the team?

NiKo: Practice has been pretty decent since we got knocked out from the Major. I think we put extra effort into the practice to obviously get better. We didn’t have an amazing showing at the BLAST Fall Finals either, but we are still feeling kind of confident from the practice. I think this event could be the event we actually make a deep run, I would say.

So we have to remain confident if we want to make any damage. I think it would mean a lot for us if we were to start with a win versus FaZe Clan. I think that would boost our confidence. Overall, we are excited for the last event of the year. We usually want to end it on a good note. So we are going to do our best to make a deep run here. 

xL: Talking about the recent CS:GO update, the M4 changes have been a huge discussion. The M4A1 damage falloff has been increased. Have you tested out these guns in the game? Have you switched over to the M4A4?

NiKo: Yeah, I have switched to the M4A4 definitely. I think the gun is definitely better than the M4A1-S. But obviously, the price definitely makes a big difference, it plays a big part in it. I think we will see some people stay on the M4A1 but I definitely prefer the M4A4 right now.

xL: Talking about the T side. Do you think the changes to the M4 will make it easier for the T side to have more rounds? And shift the meta more toward a balance between the two sides?

NiKo: I don’t think so. I think the meta will remain very much the same. I don’t think the meta had that much of a difference because of the M4A1. I think the CTs will learn how to play on every map, they know all their rotation, they know how to react and everything.

I think we will see CT side stay very much the same. Except maybe I think Anubis, I think that map is a bit more balanced than the others. But overall I think the meta will stay CT-sided.

xL: Talking about Anubis, how has your experience been playing on that map?

NiKo: The map is not that bad. We actually like playing it. I think the map definitely looks better than Vertigo for example. It definitely needs some changes on the map, some reworks and so on. But I think the first impression on the map is not that bad compared to how it was when they brought on Vertigo or even Ancient at the very start. I think the map should be nice to play with a couple of fixes.

xL: So talking about the World Finals. There’s a lot of tough opposition here for you. Who are you looking forward to playing against the most? Who do you think will be a tough challenge for you?

NiKo: I think every team here is going to be a tough challenge for us. Obviously, we are not in the best shape so we have to take every team kind of the same. If we want to beat any of the teams we have to show up against everyone in every game.

So I think every team here is great and they are here for a reason. It’s going to take a lot of effort from us to beat them so I think every opponent is kind of the same for us. We have to try to improve our game throughout the tournament and show up for every single game.

xL: Obviously you guys have amazing firepower on the team. Have there been any changes in the leadership structure or roles that you have been put in so that you can perform better at this event?

NiKo: No, there have not been any changes. Apart from in-game stuff, everything has remained the same. No changes here in leadership or anything. We are just trying to improve our game and that’s the only thing we have been working on. 

xL: The year overall has been a bit of a bumpy ride for you guys. Many roster changes and some disappointing results. What are you looking forward to in 2023? Is there a target you have set up for the team for next year?

NiKo: I mean for 2023, we definitely will try to be a more stable team and be more consistent. As you said, we went through a lot of changes. That’s one thing we want to try to reduce for next season. And I think that would finally make us more consistent. There are no set plans yet for 2023. We still have this event that we have to focus on. So we will see after the event how and what will happen.

xL: And in terms of your individual performance, have you been satisfied this year or do you think there’s still room for improvement?

NiKo: I mean if I would say I am satisfied I would be lying. Our results definitely don’t show that we should be satisfied, I think no one on the team is satisfied with the results we have. There’s definitely room for improvement and that’s what we are looking for always.

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