G2 JKS: “I have some maps that are really good. […] I feel comfortable going into every game.”

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Dec 20

G2 Esports was looking to end the year on a high at the BLAST Premier World Finals, and today they picked up a big scalp to do exactly that. Taking down the Outsiders in a dominant 2-0, the team has now secured playoffs at the event thanks to a 1.94 rating performance from m0NESY. Here’s what JKS had to say about the G2 victory.

Arnav “xL” Shukla: Let’s start with Inferno. Outsider yesterday had a great CT side vs Liquid, but today their defence wasn’t able to get started. Did you prepare anything to counter that CT side?

G2 JKS: Not really, we just knew where they played and some of the spots. We didn’t do anything special, we just tried to play our own game. They don’t have many crazy tells. I think they play pretty default on the CT side.

xL: m0NESY going massive, clutch after clutch in this series. What are your thoughts on his performance?

G2 JKS: Yeah, he’s a great player, and he saved our arse on multiple of those rounds on the T side. So without him, I don’t think we would’ve won that map. Yesterday it was more of a team performance, but today he was definitely picking up the slack that some of us were leaving. 

xL: You were leading pretty strongly when n0rb3r7 had that 1v3 clutch on A. That started off as an Outsiders comeback. What happened there?

G2 JKS: That 1v3, we just had a massive miscommunication. I was running back and forth in CT, and we didn’t know where he was, Banana or up A. So it was mostly just our own fault. We took three 1v1 duels, and he just won the round. After that, it was kinda hard. It screwed our money up as well and made it a lot more difficult for us. but we stayed in it and didn’t let it affect us that much, so that’s good.

xL: After their loss to Liquid yesterday, did you expect the Outsiders to pick Mirage today?

G2 JKS: We prepared a bit for it, but we didn’t know if they were gonna pick that for sure. We just played our own game on Mirage.

xL: With the M4A4 coming back, you are looking a lot more comfortable in your anchor positions. How are you liking the gun so far?

G2 JKS: The M4A4 is just better than the silencer, I think. And for the anchor, it makes more sense to have more bullets. Before, I was playing silencer, and I think it was the better option. But now, with the nerf, I think it makes more sense for the anchors to play the M4A4. Personally, I’ve always been comfortable with the A4, so it wasn’t that big of a change.

xL: The last couple of days, we’ve seen you step up individually a lot. Are you happy with your performance?

G2 JKS: Yeah, for sure. I have some maps that are really good and others where we aren’t really comfortable as a team. Individually I suffer on those maps, so it’s kinda hard when we don’t play well as a team. I feel comfortable going into every game, but some maps as a team are just a little uncomfortable.

xL: A 16-1 win usually doesn’t have too many takeaways, but what are your thoughts on the win in general?

G2 JKS: For us, it went really well. We just played our own game. We didn’t focus on anything they were doing. We had good rotations. We had good plans at the start of the round. We have a clear idea of what we’re doing at the start of a round, and we just followed that. It worked really well for us. They played kinda like what we expected, and we just followed our plan, and it worked out.

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