The 3 best heroes to counter Kadita in Mobile Legends

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Dec 20

Kadita has everything you could ask for in a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero.

She has mobility, a crowd control ability, decent damage, and a sustain that can turn the tides of team fights in your favor. She is such a versatile hero, in fact, that ranked players have been playing her in different roles.

She makes up for that capability due to her difficulty to play, however. All of her skills are skill shots. Her second skill, Breath of the Ocean, also has a small area-of-effect and delayed casting, making it difficult to stun an enemy.

Still, an experienced Kadita player is someone you shouldn’t be looking down upon. If you don’t want to feel the wrath of the Ocean Goddess in your ranked games, here are three heroes you can pick to save your life.

Lylia may not have a crowd control ability to stop Kadita in her tracks, but she sure can bait Kadita into using all her skills and not take a single point of damage afterward.

Her ultimate, Black Shoes, allows her to restore 100% of her HP and mana she had four seconds ago after casting it. That means that if Kadita successfully pulled off her combo on Lylia, she can just activate Black Shoes to return back her lost health and counterattack when all her skills are on cooldown.

Go for a Purify battle spell for the stun protection and Ice Queen Wand so that you’ll be able to kite her in team fights. The key here is to move all the time as Lylia and never let her hit her skill shots. Also, always keep your Black Shoes ultimate ready in team fights.

What makes Kaja spectacular against squishy heroes who need to stay close to deal damage like Kadita is his ultimate, Divine Judgement.

The ultimate is a suppression skill and cannot be canceled by Purify. It also lets Kaja pull the target wherever she pleases, which is great in team fights if your teammates are far away from you. Kaja can also dodge Breath of the Ocean with Lightning Bomb, a dash skill with a relatively low cooldown.

You can go for magic damage if you’re playing him as a midlaner or EXP laner. If you are the roamer, go for cooldown reduction items and magic resist such as Athena’s Shield for the defensive boost. Flicker is a great battle spell for this matchup, as you can easily Flicker towards Kadita and use Divine Judgment to suppress her and allow your teammates to burst her down.

If you’re looking for a more difficult, yet highly rewarding hero to play aside from the Ocean Goddess, Selena is the perfect hero for you.

She does not only deal a ton of damage to enemy heroes hit by her Abyssal Arrows but she can also plant multiple Abyssal Traps in bushes to provide vision in the area for as long as a minute. That’s a game changer against Kadita, who relies on surprising enemies from the bush to set up team fights.

This alone limits her potential since she will now have to cast her Breath of The Ocean in plain sight, making it much easier for everyone to dodge the stun. When up against the Ocean Goddess, go for magic damage items and make it a habit to plant traps whenever you suspect a team fight is brewing in the area.

Going for an Execute battle spell is the way to go to stop her from using her Rough Waves ultimate. If you are starting out with the hero, you can go for Purify or Flicker to avoid her Breath of the Ocean skill.

Want to play it safe in your ranked game? Here are five heroes that will always be relevant no matter the meta. If the enemy Kadita is in a team using the UBE strat, here’s another three heroes to counter just that.

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