Daily Topic : How to counter Wanwan in current patch?

Dec 21

Today topics, lets talk about how to fight Wanwan

As do we know, Wanwan is still one of the strongest marksman especially when it comes to Mid game and Late game..

So how we going to counter this nimble Marksman?

I will put 3 heroes that effectively counter Wanwan

1. Hayabusa

Hayabusa can easily engage wanwan with his 2nd skill and Ultimate, plus Wanwan cant do anything during his ultimate as Hayabusa are untargetable. Hayabusa output damage is high, so most likely can kill Wanwan if she doesnt have Wind Of Nature item.

2. Natalia

Natalia also can attack Wanwan due to her invisibility. She can suprise attack Wanwan with her passive that comes with silence. Even if Wanwan managed to get her stack for her Ultimate, it will be no damage against Natalia with her 2nd skill effect that makes Natalia immune to any basic physical attack as long she is in the smoke.

3. Phoveus

His passive that marks anyone who using dash skills that makes him a good counter against Wanwan that always using dash while using basic attack and skills. His ultimate can instantly goes to Wanwan as long she already been marked. But remember, Wanwan can outrun him if she has 3 attack speed items. So Ice Queen Wand, Dominance Ice and Winter Truncheon is the best bet for Phoveus items against Wanwan.

Got more heroes that can counter Wanwan? Want to speak up your opinion? Comment down below.

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