End of Group Stage, Jakarta here we come!! 👀🏆🔥 | ESL SMC

Dec 23

The ESL Snapdragon Mobile Challenge - Group Stage has just ended with the end of the Play-ins stage and our final 6 teams have been named ✨

Congratulations to our Malaysian team; Expand for emerging victourious of the Play-ins stage, and SEM9 in Top 3 as they have shown amazing gameplay these past 2 weeks continuing their domination the top leaderboards! Advancing alongside with EXP & S9 are Heavy and Team Flash, from Vietnam, FRE from Indonesia as well as the last Thailand team; KOG.
Let us also check out the overall Play-ins standings;

GGWP to our other 3 MCP teams; AXIS, FRG and ANX for trying their best! Gotta give kudos to Axis as they have made a few comebacks in the last day but it was not quite enough. Nice try too to DEWA, VGM & MDH as they are also eliminated from the Mobile Challenge.

These are the teams that will be playing in the Jakarta Grand Finals in February 2023! 6 Thailand, 3 Indonesia 2 Vietnam and 2 Malaysia 🔥 Damn Thailand sent all their participating representatives? 😳

Anyway who will take home the glory? Find out soon! 🏆

(Photos: ESL Asia/Malaysia)

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