New Custom Crate

Kaya toast4887
Dec 23

There is new custom crate is available Now in Pubg mobile.In This crate there are many old items available. In this Crate we can see different gun skins are ln But one of the favourite Snowflake Girl - AKM in This New Custom Crate And also Many more Guns Also In it.

In This Crate 5 Mythic suites are available.There is a Charming Reindeer Set With Op Emote and Cute Baddie set and Bunny Set Also available in this New Custom crate.

In This New Custom Crate Three Legendary Backpack Skin In it One Of My Favourite SnowFlake Fairy Backpack Skin And One SnowFlake Girl Backpack Skin Also in it.

In This New Custom Crate One Winter Wonderland Uaz With Winter Wonderland Finish in it.In This new Custom Crate Many More Legendary And Epic and Rare Items Also in it.

Which Items is your favourite In This New Custom Crate ?Share your feedback in Below in Comment Thank you☺

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