Qualified squads for PMPL: PMNC 2022 Napal

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

Here are the top three teams that won big money and qualified for the PMPL: South Asia Spring 2023 League Stage:
1) Illumin8 Crew
2) Leo Gangsters
3) Abrupt Slayers

Among other squads, JyanMaara replicated their Semifinals performance and finished fourth in the Grand Finals as well. Unfortunately, they missed out on a PMPL slot. Their performance was especially exceptional on Day 2, where they secured two Chicken Dinners.

Tribeaeromancy Officials, who were in the ninth spot at the end of Day 1, performed brilliantly on the second day to secure 75 points through six matches. The team showed great resilience and jumped to the fifth position in the overall standings, ending their campaign with a top-five finish in the PMNC 2022.

Lord x Official, a team that performed quite well in the Semifinals, flopped poorly in the Grand Finals. The squad's performance went from bad to worse as they dropped from seventh to the ninth spot. Overall, the side ended their run with just 83 points.

Valor Esports and Arms of Andromeda looked clueless on the battlefield and were caught in open areas on multiple occasions by other squads. They were eliminated early on in most of the games played at the event. The teams finished in the 15th and 16th spots in the PMNC overall standings with a measly 37 and 27 points from 12 games.

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