Daily Topic: Carmilla’s revamp makes her a better hero?

Dec 23

As there is a revamp for Carmilla, I tried to use her in different ways. I played her as a jungler which I had never tried before and the result was satisfying

I tried to use her as the tank jungler and i think i did quite well. Her ultimate has a very long range and her skill 2 allows her to move faster from one point to another point. Therefore, she can support her teammates quickly at the sidelanes. Tanky jungler has become a meta and it’s not hard to see tanks living in the jungle, so carmilla jungler is worth a try.

Using Carmilla as the jungler can allow the marksman to have the most damage output and also can act as the secondary tank if the exp laner is quite squishy. The problem of Carmilla jungle is that her damage is not high enough and therefore i would recommend using her as the jungler when there’s an “assassin type” of fighter.

Roam Carmilla is also a good option. it is really hard to kill her because of her annoyinh passive and i would recommend the vengeance spell for it. along side with blade armor, marksmen are gonna be scared of the damage reflection especially in the late game.

These are my build for Carmilla (ignore the “Barney” please😂) As I use blood retribution for her, I used a lot of items that give her much hp to maximise the efficiency of blood retribution. As for roam boots, both conceal and encourage are good choices and it depends on which play style you have.

At last it’s the emblems! I would recommend these 3 sets (jungle for jungler and tank for roamer). She can be benefited by tenacity as a roamer to become more tanky and mage killer as the jungler to take down objective fast!

What do you think about Carmilla right now? Do you want to try using her in different ways? comment and let me know what you think!

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