Top 5 PUBG Mobile players to watch out in PMGC Grand Finals

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

The 2022 season of PUBG Mobile Esports is all set to culminate with the Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) scheduled to be played in Jakarta, Indonesia, from January 6 to 8, 2023.

The talented players of all 16 squads are gearing up for the last stage of the tournament and are itching to showcase their skills. This article will offer a look at the top five players viewers should keep an eye on in PMGC: 2022 Grand Finals.

🔸Top 5 players to follow in PMGC 2022 Grand Finals

5) SchwepXz (Vampire Esports)

At the fifth spot on this list is a player from Vampire Esports, SchwepXz. He has been a part of the PUBG Mobile Esports scene since 2020. With Vampire Esports in 2022, SchwepXz has been in top form. Having won the Grenade Master title in PMWI: 2022 and PMPL: Thailand Spring 2022, he has shown his skill with projectiles, giving his team vital openings in various fights.

4) Revo (Alpha 7)

Brazilian player Revo, from Alpha 7 Esports, has had a fabulous season as a player. Having started his journey way back in 2019, his gun skills and overall gameplay have improved drastically over the years. While playing for A7 Esports, his performances have seen a meteoric rise in terms of their quality. After a successful 2021, Revo has managed to carry over his form into the subsequent 2022 season.

3) UHigh (Geek Fam)

A talented prodigy from Malaysia, UHigh is 18 years old. He's a sensation and has been a talking point among the community since his arrival in the esports scene. This is unsurprising, considering his insane skill set and inhuman reflexes. Having collected multiple awards along the way, UHigh, in 2022, presented himself with renewed energy as a member of Geek Fam after his stint with Bigetron RA.

2) TOP (GodLike Stalwart)

The Mongolian player from GodLike Stalwart, TOP, is known for his aggressive playstyle and consistency in terms of his performances. He has had a fabulous 2022 season, securing the MVP title in both the Spring and Fall championships of the PMPL: South Asia.

1) Order (Nova Esports)

Chinese player Order from Nova Esports has been a dominant force in the PUBG Mobile circuit since its inception. His name inspires fear in his competitors, given his gameplay consistency and knack for acquiring eliminations from the most difficult of spots.

What you think who is your favorite players?

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