Best Use of Icy Wonder Football #22 | Tips & Tricks.

Rendang daging26
Dec 26

We can discuss the best use of Icy wonder football to kill Enemy.

In Pubg mobile update 2.3 additional update football Maina mode.
In this mode the icy wonder football is available in different places.Many players drop this because they don't know how to use this.

Many players use this only to kick 🦵 the football ⚽ in net 🥅 for Goal.We can also use Icy wonder football ⚽ as weapon to kill enemies.

Sometimes we don't have grenades and other Throwables at that time We can use the football stuck the enemy position.

When we kick the icy wonder football towards Enemy there is an advantage for us because the enemy gets frozen due to an icy wonder football storm.

Have you tried this skill?
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