G2 m0NESY: “We just trust [HooXi] completely. He wants to win this tournament, and we’ll do it for him.”

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Dec 26

In an absolutely thrilling series between G2 and FaZe, HooXi’s squad came out on top, taking away two close maps to win the series 2-0. After the match, we talked to m0NESY to get his thoughts on G2 securing another Grand final at the end of 2022.

Arnav “xL” Shukla: An amazing series to watch. How are you feeling after securing the win?

G2 m0NESY: I’m feeling alright, no pressure. My parents are in the Arena, so yeah, they’re watching me, and I’m really hyped to play and win for them.

xL: Starting off on Nuke, you’ve got the better of them the last couple of times you’ve played them. Not the best T side for you guys, but on CT, JKS, especially with those kills and clutches, was going huge. Thoughts on how that map went?

G2 m0NESY: Yeah, we played the T side. To be honest, we played not bad. We played not bad yesterday too. But the thing is, we are losing key rounds. We’re losing with an advantage. 4v2, even 5v2, we just sometimes don’t communicate properly in these rounds. And yeah, these rounds, they just screw us completely with the economy. Sometimes it’s tough, but also we are winning some crucial rounds. We can win full eco. Sometimes, I feel we can be better in eco rounds than buy rounds.

xL: Watching those clutches with JKS having those insane clutches with the jumps. Talk to me about his performance today.

G2 m0NESY: Yeah, he won insane rounds like 1v2. During this game he played really, really well, he won us 2-3 key rounds at like 14-14. And I think they went ramp on 14-15 and he killed three, it was really good. Those rounds helped us to go through and win.

xL: Moving to Inferno, your defence was having a lot of trouble holding FaZe back. They manage to put together 11 rounds on the T side, thanks to Twistzz having a great performance. What went wrong in that first half?

G2 m0NESY: We didn’t show our best CT side. It would have to be far better, again, we were losing bad rounds on Inferno. We lost a 5v2 and a 4v2, and it messed up our economy. We could be leading that half, 9-6 10-5, who knows, maybe even 11-4. But we just lost those rounds, and they went a step ahead and won 11-4.

xL: FaZe is starting to get some really good rounds together towards the end. It feels like this is going to go to a 3rd map again. But HooXi, with that B fake then he also gets some crucial entries in the rounds following that. Really kept the game from getting out of your control. Could you talk a bit about the impact Hooxi’s having?

G2 m0NESY: HooXi is having really great Impact. We trust him, and we’re doing things with full trust. He can just call, like let’s just go through the smoke. We go through the smoke, and we win the round. We just trust him completely. And as you can see, he’s also playing well and shooting well now. He wants to win this tournament, and we’ll do it for him.

xL: Grand Finals to end the year on a high. Facing Liquid tomorrow, how confident are you feeling going into the game?

G2 m0NESY: We’re really confident against any opponent. We played against them last time. They smashed us. But we’ll see. We’ll prepare, and we’ll see in the server. They can win, we can win, but yeah, nothing much to say.

xL: You started the year with finals in Katowice. Really tough loss there. But now you have a chance to lift a trophy at the end of the year. How do you feel?

G2 m0NESY: I’m feeling really nice to make the grand finals again and compete for the trophy. I think we have a good chance to lift the trophy here. The last tournament of the year, and we have a good chance. I’m really glad to be here. My parents are in the arena, and that gives me extra confidence and extra hype.

HooXi, m0NESY, and the rest of G2 are in action tomorrow. Stay tuned to esports for the latest CS:GO news and updates.

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