Valve bans ten Dota 2 players including Koma` due to account sharing

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Dec 26

In the midst of the pro scene’s silence, PGL dropped a bombshell on the Dota 2 community. It unveiled a list of ten CIS players, including’s Koma`, who have been permanently banned by both Valve and PGL. This punishment is a result of “account sharing and impersonating members of other teams during tournament games.”

Among the list are known up-and-rising Dota 2 pros from the Tier 2 scene. All names listed include Paradise’, Keintseru, SuperNova, Illusion, Lilskrip, Koma`, Chambl, Limitless, [T]SA, and deihra.

One of the most shocking names on the list is Kamil “Koma`” Biktimirov, a 20-year-old Russian player who just signed with for the upcoming DPC season. Just when the organization feels like it’s finally away from controversies, it is once again on the hot seat. But it is likely that the account sharing incident happened before Koma` signed with

Another known player on the banned list is Yaroslav “Limitless” Parshin, the former offlaner for the European household, Alliance. Lilskrip (also called Adam) is a part of Thiuth Gaming, an NA Division I team. Paradise is a member of felt, an NA Division II team. Meanwhile, illusion is a player in the WEU DPC Division II under Ancient Tribe.

Addressing the ban on its newly-signed carry player, decided to conduct an internal investigation. The organization will reveal more details soon.

The CEO of, Nikolai Petrossian stated, “Shocked and saddened to see VP’s player in this black list. Fair play, integrity and sportsmanship – these are the values I personally believe in and VP is built on the same solid foundations and principles.”

There are chances that faces disqualification from the EEU DPC due to it now fielding an incomplete roster. The roster lock date has long passed and it now depends on whether Valve allows the team to find a replacement or not.

PGL did not share any more details regarding the account-sharing incident. However, it is likely linked to a series of tweets by Luna Gaming’s Twitter admin, where he had accused lilskrip of “foul play and betting scandals”. It is also likely that the account-sharing incident took place in a D2CL (Dota 2 Champions League) tournament.

A similar case of account sharing happened in March 2021, which saw Division I players like VtFaded and AhJit permanently banned from Valve.

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