The 3 best heroes to counter Hanabi in the gold lane

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Dec 26

Facing Hanabi in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, you have a hero that’s easy to eliminate in team fights, for she doesn’t have any mobility skills. Hanabi’s early game damage is also below average, making her one of the most challenging gold laners to play in the laning phase.

But make no mistake, the Scarlet Flower packs a punch in team fights, especially in the late game when she has her core items.

She also has her own Purify battle spell in her first skill, Ninjutsu: Equinox, which gives her crowd control immunity for five seconds. She is a strong marksman when played right, and her damage output becomes a problem past the 15-minute mark.

If you want to stop her from reaching her peak in the late game, you have to shut her down as early as possible.

If you ask anyone which marksman hero is the strongest in the laning phase, most would answer Bruno.

Bruno deals tremendous damage due to his passive, Mecha Legs, which increases his crit chance by 2% for each basic attack. He also has a dash skill that’s useful for dodging Hanabi’s skillshots.

The key here is to take the Inspire battle spell and poke her in the laning phase. Activate Inspire if she fights back.

You can also take Vengeance if the enemy support is a poke hero such as Diggie or Valir. Prioritizing Berserker’s Fury does wonders for his damage output, making him even harder to eliminate in a 1v1.

What makes Beatrix such a viable marksman in the gold lane is her ability to pick among four different guns, depending on the situation. If you want to play it safe, use Renner for long-range basic attacks. Otherwise, go for Bennett if you want to push aggressively in your lane.

When a team fight erupts, switch to Nibiru for DPS. Take Flicker for this matchup and don’t engage without your ultimate.

Rushing Blade of Despair is the best option against Hanabi if you have secured a few kills, or Hunter’s Strike if your team is in a rut.

The best guns in this matchup are Renner and Bennett. Renner for the poke damage, and Nibiru when she’s low on health.

Irithel is another marksman who excels in the laning phase. Her first skill, Strafe, reduces the enemy’s physical defense while her second skill, Jungle Heart, slows and damages enemies around her.

Both these skills are enough to shred Hanabi’s health if she tries to get close. What’s more, Iritihel’s skills don’t consume mana, meaning she can cast this skill to her heart’s desire without having to worry about managing a mana bar.

Lastly, her passive allows her to move while attacking. This is crucial as Hanabi will find it challenging to land Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll and Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana on a moving target. Up against the Scarlet Rose, it’s important that you take either Inspire or Sprint as your battle spell.

Go for Windtalker as your first item and Berserker’s Fury if you’re ahead or Wind of Nature if Hanabi gets the lead early in the game.

Learn more how to counter other marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang such as Brody, Miya, and Moskov. Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more MLBB news, updates, and guides.

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