The 3 best heroes to counter Uranus (besides Esmeralda)

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Dec 26

Updated on December 21, 3:11 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

From zero to hero — this is the best phrase to describe Uranus.

Since the start of MPL Season 5, Uranus has been a priority pick in the offlane in the meta. He is really strong in guarding his own lane, and his regeneration capabilities makes him versatile.

He is not just a lane guard, but also a solid tank. Even now, many play him aggressively and can deal a lot of damage.

So how do you lane against him? It is common knowledge that his natural counter is Esmeralda. After all, his shield can be absorbed by Esmeralda, which decreases his effectiveness.

Here are three more who will answer your call.

Silvanna is a fighter mage who can be used against Uranus. Her second skill, Spiral Strangling, deals rapid damage for six stacks, and can really lower his HP.

Moreover, Silvanna has endurance, and is classified as a fast hero, so it’s easy for her to outmaneuver and avoid him if she needs to.

Lunox as an offlaner is something we started to see more often in pro play over the years. As she is an early game mage, Lunox is a viable choice to face off against Uranus.

With Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assault, a level one Uranus can be burst down instantly. Not to mention, when Cosmic Fission and Power of Order: The Brilliance is active, Lunox will have the upper edge.

You might be surprised to hear her name, but a the marksman in the side lane is a viable option now. Many players have started using Wanwan in the side lane, so why not Karrie too?

Karrie is a counter to all tanks, including Uranus, because her passive, Light Wheel Mark, deals a percentage of their maximum HP as true damage. 

If she farms well, even without a buff, Karrie can cause problems for him from the mid to late game. Dare to give it a try?

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