How to jungle invade in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Dec 26

What is jungle invade?

There are many ways to win in any multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA), including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. A common way to ensure victory is to stop your enemies from getting stronger in the early game, and be as aggressive as possible before they complete their core items.

This is where the term jungle invade comes in. It’s an effective early game strategy if done right. However, it is difficult to pull off, and usually requires a pre-made team. That’s why jungle invading is usually seen in professional games, but not in classic or ranked play.

Here is a brief explanation of what and how to jungle invade in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Jungle invading is the act of invading your opponent’s side of the jungle before the first wave of creeps appear. It’s usually done by the roamer or the midlaner.

The main goal of this strategy is to delay the enemy jungler from getting their buff, or steal it from them if possible. At first look, it’s not as game-changing compared to stealing the Lord or the Turtle buff, but it’s crucial in the early parts of the game, for it derails your opponents’ momentum.

Delaying the buff means that the enemy jungler will take a longer to complete their core items, and won’t have the buff advantage when taking objectives. Inversely, your ally jungler will have an easier time rotating and getting the upper hand in the early game.

Roamers, with the help of the midlaners on some occasion, are usually the best jungle invaders. This is made more effective if the roamer has a crowd control skill that changes the position of the target, such as Tigreal or Franco.

At the beginning of the match, the roamer will move towards the enemy’s buff past the Lithowanderer. The invader will then use his crowd control skill to try and reset the jungle creeps’ life, stun the opponent, or snatch the buff for themselves.

It’s also essential that you don’t over force the situation. Backing away if you are low on health is an equally wise decision because if the enemy jungler manages to turn the tides and kill you instead, it’s a big win for them.

Even though it’s strongest in the early game, jungle invades can happen throughout the match.

Overall, jungle invading is an effective strategy if you have the right heroes, perfect timing, and a pre-made team that’s able to work with you.

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