The 3 best heroes to counter Harley in Mobile Legends

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Dec 26

Harley is one of the best mage assassin heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His low-cooldown spells enable him to literally get away with murder. He can blink in through Space Escape, burst down his target with Deadly Magic and Poker Trick, then escape unscathed back to his magic hat.

Still, you can render the Mage Genius’ lethal combo useless and catch him off guard using these heroes.

What makes Lolita a strong hero against Harley is her second skill, Guardian’s Bulwark, which can block all incoming ranged basic attacks and projectiles. As all of the young magician’s offensive spells are projectiles, which can be blocked with Guardian’s Bulwark.

Even if you get hit by his Deadly Magic, he is reliant on Poker Trick and auto attacks to make it fatal.

You can also interrupt his combo and give your teammates enough time to burst him down by utilizing the stun from Charge.

Choose Flicker as your battle spell for additional chasing capabilities on top of your first skill. As the tank of your team, build Radiant Armor, Athena’s Shield, or Oracle for magic defense.

Hayabusa doesn’t only have the ability to dodge Harley’s skills, he can also catch up and eliminate him.

When you get struck with Deadly Magic, use the Ougi: Shadow Kill to evade further damage from Poker Trick while dealing damage to him. Even if he uses Space Escape, you can continue hitting him with Shadow Kill as long as there are no other enemies in the area.

Use Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow to chase him if he attempts to flee with his magic hat. Purchase Radiant Armor if you need to mitigate his magical DPS.

Chou is another great counter who can evade Harley’s abilities and take him down in the process.

Dash out of the way when he casts his Deadly Magic-Poker Trick combo using Shunpo or Jeet Kune Do.

Another option is to cut it short by dashing forward with Shunpo or blinking in with Flicker, then cast The Way of Dragon. This combo has the potential to kill him if you build offensively.

If you’re playing roamer Chou, you can still do the same to dodge his spells. In this role, you should aim to use The Way of Dragon to kick him towards your allies to burst him down.

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