Mobile Legends Hanabi guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos

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Dec 26

It takes just a few minutes to pick up Hanabi in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but hundreds of hours to fully master her playstyle.

Her insane damage in the late game, coupled with her built-in Purify spell on Ninjutsu: Equinox, makes up for her lack of mobility and subpar base stats in the early to mid game.

Positioning and prioritizing targets in team fights are essential if you want to master the marksman in ranked, especially in Mythic where almost all players know how to counter her.

If you’re up to the challenge, here’s an in-depth guide on how to play Hanabi, including her best build, and recommended emblem set and battle spell.

Hanabi’s basic attack and skills will launch Petal Blades after hitting a target, bouncing up to 4 times to nearby enemies.

Using the secret ninjutsu of the Scarlet Shadow, Hanabi gains a shield for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, Hanabi gains 20% Movement Speed, 25% Attack Speed, and Control Immunity.

20% of the damage dealt will also be added to the shield value when it’s active. Damage dealt to non-hero units will only add 10% of the damage dealt.

Hanabi fires the energy kunai in the targeted direction, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way and reducing their movement speed by 60% for 1 second.

Enemy units hit will also be marked, allowing Hanabi’s next bounce damage from basic attacks to deal physical damage on them with no damage decay.

Higanbana now also triggers her passive. The first hero hit is immobilized, and Higanbana blooms at that location after a short delay to deal AOE damage.

Since Hanabi is an auto-attack-reliant hero, going for Inspire will greatly improve her fighting capabilities. This battle spell does wonders for her in the late game when she already has all her items. The only downside to this is that you won’t have any mobility skills if things get tough in the game.

That’s why Flicker is also an option if you want to play it safe. This is recommended when you are playing solo in ranked or if your team doesn’t have a roamer with crowd control or support skills such as Natalia.

Going for the Marksman emblem tree is the way to go if you are playing Hanabi. To make up for her below average stats in the early, go for the Bravery subtalent for the flat physical damage increase and Agility for the movement speed boost.

For the main talent, Electro Flash works perfectly for her since it grants her movement speed and lifesteal based on her physical attack.

That is big considering that Hanabi’s main problem is her lack of mobility. Electro Flash will help her maintain space and get out of sticky situations with the extra movement speed.

Hanabi’s petal barrage also triggers attack effects. That said, Hanabi benefits from the unique passive of items such as Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff.

You can never go wrong with the Blade of Despair and Malefic Roar combo in the late game for a huge damage increase.

If you and your team are struggling in the game, you can go for defensive items such as Immortality if the game goes past the 20-minute mark, or Wind of Nature if the enemy marksman is fed.

In the laning phase, harass the enemy gold laner with Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll and basic attacks. Don’t go deep in the lane unless the enemy roamer is with you or if the jungler is en route to gank your lane. If the enemy tries to fight back, activate Ninjutsu: Equinox to gain a shield.

In team fights, you want to manually aim your Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana if an enemy dives toward you, or if all five of them are clumped up together. After hitting your ultimate, cast Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll, activate Inspire and use auto attacks to deal insane amounts of DPS damage.

During this time, you can also use Ninjutsu: Equinox for the attack speed increase. However, it’s best if you save the skill whenever an assassin or a hero with crowd control lunges at you.

It’s all about positioning when using the Scarlet Flower, and establishing a solid position in team fights is the key to getting out unscathed.

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