Arcane soundtrack: Every song featured in the League of Legends anime

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Dec 28

League of Legends anime “Arcane” has tickled fans in both the visual and auditory aspects. Aside from its magnificent animation style and poignant voice acting, many viewers have fallen in love with the Arcane songs and soundtrack.

In an interview with ONE Esports, Arcane creator and executive producer Christian Linke shared the team’s creative process working on the music for Arcane.

“We’ll always start with a certain scene or character moment in the story that we would find something for,” he said. “Big names were never necessary. There’s a lot of big names that are amazing at what they do, that’s usually what we would be attracted to.”

Christian previously worked as a music composer at Riot Games for five years.

The Arcane soundtrack is a complete rollercoaster of upbeat and mellow songs, which complement hard-hitting scenes from the series. Artistes for the Arcane songs range from Japanese guitarist Miyavi, World Championship regulars Imagine Dragons, to legendary singer Sting.

Here are all the songs and the full soundtrack featured in League of Legends’ Arcane.

Fans can listen to the full Arcane song playlist on Spotify or on Riot Games Music’s YouTube channel.

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