PMNC South Asia Wildcard Finals Day 1 overview

Aleena Zafar
Dec 28

A1 Esports was directly invited to the Finals and clinched a 12-kill victory in their first match of the tournament. EQNX 992 earned the second position in the first match with six kills, followed by SEAL.

NB Esports took control in the second match and won it with eight frags, while SITM was in second position with seven eliminations. TRZ, who made it through the PMPL to the Finals, finished fourth in the game.

In the third game, BEE came in first place with 13 kills, and this was their best performance on Day 1. SITM had a slow-paced game as they came second with a single frag.

The fourth and fifth games went to NB Esports and EQNX 922, as they claimed 11 kills each. Team 1952 played well in both matches and registered 15 and 17 points, respectively.

Astra Academy, whose previous superstar roster now plays for GodLike Stalwart, ended their day with a massive 15-kill Chicken Dinner. Overall, they came in sixth with 51 points in the PMNC Day 1 overall standings.

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