North America Cup 🏆 | 2022 PMNAC (PMNC)

Dec 28

Last time, we saw the regional cup of Latin America. Now, we're looking towards the northern side; The PUBG Mobile North America Cup (PMNAC) 2022.

Same as PMLC, it functions to seed new/amateur and relegated teams from North America to 2023 PMPL North America! PMNAC actually has the exact same schedule as PMLC; where the registrations were held from Nov 11th - 20th followed by the open qualifiers from Nov 22nd - 28th. The Group Stage was held from Dec 9th - 11th and featured 19 teams from the qualifiers, 11 teams from PMCO and 2 teams from 2022 PMCC NA.
*PMCC - Campus Championship

In the PMNAC Finals, only 8 teams from the Group Stage + 8 relegated teams from 2022 PMPL North America Fall battled across 3 days (Dec 16th - 18th) in 18 matches to be crowned the North American champion, $10,200 USD prizepool and 8 spots to the 2023 PMPL North America!

The Panthers emerged as the PMNAC champions, and 7 other teams (refer picture above) have won their slots to advance to the 2023 PMPL NA Spring! Here's the link to the event's Liquipedia page for more info.

And that's the Americas region done and dusted! We'll be back in SEA region to see our neighbouring country's PMNC and how it concluded so stay tuned 🤙🏻

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