New Thai Era? 👀 | 2022 PMNC TH

Dec 29

We're back in Southeast Asia, and this time we will be looking at another few regions that recently ended their PMNC iteration last weekend. Buckle up as we get down to the streets of 🇹🇭Bangkok as this is the PUBG Mobile National Championship Thailand (PMNC TH) 2022!

Like PMNC MY and ID, PMNC TH featured invited-only teams from past events; unlike most western regions that featured open qualifiers (which initially is how it is supposed to be). A unique part of PMNC TH is that the championship seeded a LOT of teams from a LOT of different third-party events. Other than the teams invited from PMCT TH, PMCC and relegated-PMPL teams; among those were 'Sanook SuperTour', 'AfreecaTV Tournament' and a few more...

All in all, a total of 32 teams (divided into 2 groups of course) played in PMNC TH's Group Stages between Dec 15th - 18th where the Top 8 of each group advanced to the Finals last weekend (Dec 23rd - 25th). In the Finals, the qualified 16 teams played across 18 matches to determine the PMNC TH 2022 champion, 4 precious slots to 2023 PMPL TH and taking home a part of the ฿100,000 THB (~ $2,880 USD) prizepool.

Ultimately, Four Angry Birds succeeded in winning the 2022 PMNC TH trophy and won half of the total prizepool! Additionally; DWGxINNOZENSE, Fast9 Esports and UTG International TH also successfully advance to 2023 PMPL! Interestingly enough, the 4 teams mentioned are all new teams coming into the scene as the relegated-PMPL teams were nowhere to be seen in the top spots (the Top 8 even 😱). As always, check out the event's Liquipedia page below for more information:

It's going to be a new scenery for PMPL Thailand next year! Will these newcomer teams be able to challenge the likes of The Infinity or FaZe? We shall see in a few months 👀

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