Pubg Mobile Button Layout

Dec 29

PUBG Mobile has become a household brand among mobile battle royale games in the past few years. As soon as it was released, the game became an instant hit, spreading like wildfire over the internet. Most people have been impressed by the quality of the gameplay.

One of the key causes for the rise in users is the game's constantly improving level of play. PUBG Mobile's player count has grown tremendously, but so has the level of in-game competition.

Most newcomers find it difficult to master the game because of the heightened competitiveness. Several factors, including weapon mechanics, sensitivity, frame rate, and controls, make PUBG Mobile even more difficult to master.

One of the most important aspects of PUBG Mobile is the architecture of the controls. The in-game controls in PUBG Mobile can be completely customized. As a result, players should set up their preferred control scheme before starting any game.

In this article, we'll go through some of the finest ways to set up the controls in the game.

1. Two-Finger Claw (Thumb) Grip

With its two-finger claw arrangement, players can better control their 360° motions, making it ideal for close-range battle. This arrangement isn't ideal when players need to go to ADS view swiftly.

Because of this, the two-finger layout is better suited for dashing adversaries. In addition, the gyroscope may be used more effectively at short distances.

2. Three-Finger Claw

Because ADS can be used much more quickly than with a two-finger claw grip, this grip is better balanced. The Player's left-hand index finger should remain on the fire buttons, and they can move them around to suit their needs.

Both thumbs are used to move and aim, making them more suited to ADS. Using a three-finger configuration is effective at both near and long ranges.

On the other hand, players will need to practice to get used to the new controls.


  • The grip is better balanced
  • It can be used much more quickly
  • More suited to ADS

3. Four Finger Claw
Professional players commonly use a four-finger claw grip. While sniping at medium or long-range, this claw setup is fairly precise for ADS and mobility. Once you've mastered the controls at various ranges, you can employ ARs as well. In close-quarters fighting, using the gyroscope is difficult, as it causes discomfort when moving 360 degrees at a short-range.

There is a significant amount of practice required before using the control arrangement in a match. The four-finger claw arrangement can be used for sniping and supporting the rest of the team after it has been learned.

The position of buttons on a layout can alter depending on the aspect ratio of a particular device. As a result, gamers will need to change the buttons.


  • Commonly used by professional players
  • This claw setup is fairly precise for ADS and mobility
  • It can be used for sniping and supporting the rest of the team

Have any better button layout? Please share it with us at the comment section below!

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