Daily Topic : How to counter Martis in current patch?

Dec 30

Lets talk about how to counter Martis in this current patch.

As we know, this hero always get banned in rank especially on high tier rank due to his strong early game damage that always help him secure kill and snowballing fast especially when Martis are picked as a Jungler. But what if he isnt banned? What if enemy picked it up?

So how we going to counter this hero?

Here are 3 hero that I recommend to pick when against Martis.

1. Zhask

Yes, Zhask is one of the unusual pick in rank but suprisingly, he can fight Martis especially in 1 v 1. His Dominator's Decent (Ultimate) is very powerful and can dish out high damage and deadly against Melee Heroes including Martis.

2. Phoveus

Phoveus also one of the great counter of Martis as Martis Mortal Coil (2nd skill) moves counted as a dash. This will trigger Phoveus Demonic Intuition (Passive skills) thus he can cast his Demonic Force (Ultimate) towards Martis, gaining Shield and dealing damage at the same time. Plus with his Malefic Terror (Skill 1) that dealing damage also gaining Shield will help him tank Martis damage and might winning the fight.

3. Diggie

Diggie also can counter Martis in teamfight but requires mind game as well. Diggie Time Journey (Ultimate) can give shield and immune cc for time duration to his teammate thus might be able to save his teammate or fight against Martis Mortal Coil (Skill 2) or Decimation (Ultimate). Diggie also can cast Reverse Time (2nd skill) towards Martis IF he already casts his Mortal Coil (2nd skill).

P.S : I recommend heroes that have high mobility against him especially using Mage and MM.

Got more opinion or suggest another hero against Martis? Let us know in the comment down below.

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