The Underdog SEA Country ⚔ | 2022 PMNC VN

Dec 29

Last time we looked at PMNC Thailand, now we're moving to another SEA country that has started to show their fangs in the recent year, and that is none other than Vietnam - thus this is an overview for the PUBG Mobile National Championship Vietnam (PMNC VN) 2022 ✋🏻

PMNC VN 2022 Format

PMNC Vietnam; unlike MY, ID or TH actually had open qualifiers where registrations were open from Dec 3rd - 9th. The Open Qualifiers featured 64 teams including those from registrations, 4 teams from VN's PMGC 2022 Points (15th - 18th), 16 teams from PMCT VN and more from other third-party tournaments within their country.
The Qualifiers then took place from Dec 16th - 18th that featured 16 teams from the Open Qualifiers and 4 more teams from VN's PMGC 2022 Points (11th - 14th), and only the best 16 advanced to the Finals.

The Finals took place the same dates as PMNC TH, which was from Dec 23rd - 25th and featured 15 matches. Teams fought for the PMNC VN championship, a total of 350,000,000 ₫ VND (≃ $14,800 USD) and unknown slot seedings to 2023 PMPL VN!

PMNC VN 2022 - Finals Overall Standings

As a result, Genius Gaming used their genius-ness to emerge as the PMNC champions with Resurgent and Goat Media Girl as the runner-ups. At the moment, how many slots to PMPL VN remains a mystery, but theoretically as there were 8 PMPL-teams invited to the qualifier stages - it could mean 8 teams will advance? However, we'll wait for official announcements on that later. More info on the event? Liquipedia of course:

That's it for the PMNCs in SEA region (for now as only Philippines is left but that's coming down in the end of January later). Next up; PMNC within the South Asia region 👀

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