Day 3 match-wise overview of PMNC SA Wildcard Grand Finals

Aleena Zafar
Dec 30

The first match of Day 3 saw Bangladeshi squad 1952 take the Chicken Dinner with 13 kills. They were followed by Mongolian team Victor Gaming, who managed to claim two eliminations. The third spot in this game went to RGC Opex from Maldives, who secured five kills.

The table-toppers of the PMNC Semifinals, SITM Esports, shined in the second game of the day and decimated the lobby. They got a whopping 19 frags. Although the squad couldn't get the Chicken Dinner, they collected the most points in the lobby. GSM claimed a seven-kill victory in this match.

Team 1952 had another good outing in Sanhok as they managed to emerge victorious with eight frags to their name. They were followed by GSM, who'd carried over their momentum from the previous game. This team got the second spot with nine eliminations. Team Classic captured the third spot in this game with three kills.

Finding their confidence, SITM Esports went berserk in the fourth and fifth matches. The squad strategically outplayed their opponents, grabbing back-to-back Chicken Dinners with a healthy number of kills. The team collected a whopping 62 points from these two games, propelling themselves to the top spot in the overall standings.

The sixth game was won by Bangladeshi squad GSM. Continuing their dominant run on Sanhok, the team secured the Chicken Dinner with seven eliminations. Bad Intention also played well in the game and came second with 10 frags.

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