PUBG Mobile Erangle Map Guides

Dec 31

PUBG Mobile is a strategy and tactics-based game. That is not the case; in order to master PUBG Mobile, you must pay close attention and focus. PUBG Mobile is a game that can help you achieve a lot of success in your life by streaming and participating in tournaments.

Many of you are probably wondering what the strategies and tactics are for playing PUBG Mobile, as well as the tips and techniques for playing PUBG Mobile. This article will go through the greatest PUBG Mobile Erangle Map tips to help you dominate your opponents. So, let's get this party started:

1. Take Hold of the Bridge
Bridge camping is a popular and important feature on the map of Erangle. Almost every squad attempts to loot first and then camp out on the bridge. What is the benefit of this? People come in vehicles to cross the bridge without realising the hazards that await them. If you are already camping and holding a bridge and notice a vehicle approaching full of the squad, you can just start fire on them and earn quick kills.

2. Use a Vehicle to Hide in the End Zone
How might a vehicle help you hide in Erangle? We occasionally come to a safe zone with no cover, such as rock and trees. You can bring a car to the rescue to protect yourself from hostile fires. You can easily avoid being shot and murdered by lying behind the vehicle in an open area.

3. Holding a House
If you are a squad member that likes to get chicken by staying low throughout the game on the Erangle map. You should definitely look for a house or squad house to take over. This gives you a significant advantage over your opponents and occasionally results in easy kills.

4. Use of Smoke Grenade
A smoke grenade is one of the best grenades that should be utilized for your advantage. It can be used to hide in open places or to revive your knocked friend without the worry of being spotted and killed.

5. Don't Unnecessarily Fire
Don't go nuts and rain bullets in a map like Erangle. It's difficult to hit a long-distance moving opponent. Only use the trigger if your target is stable; else, you will eventually give up your position rather than killing it.

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