PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Guide

Dec 31

1. Use of Special Weapons
It is a well-known fact that a person utilizing a special weapon is the most powerful player of all in PUBG Mobile, even if he is a noob. Why? These legendary weapons only require 2-3 shots to kill an enemy. Always remember to utilize these weapons to give a hard time to your enemies on the Miramar map.

2. Play a Sniper Role
Playing the sniper role in the Miramar map of PUBG Mobile is one of the smartest things that you can do to gain the upper hand over your enemies. The Sniper role in PUBG Mobile is underrated and thought of as a weak role. Well, that's a mistake if you think being a sniper is not helpful. In a map like Miramar, long-range fights occur very often, and by chance, if you have a sniper in your hands, it is doomsday for your enemies.

3. Stay Clear of Enemy Fires when in a Vehicle
Vehicles are utilized to run away from enemies or to find cover. Well, that is not the case in the Miramar map. In the Miramar map, the vehicles have very low health, making it very difficult for you to run away. If your enemy has a good aim, it is most likely that you'll end up dead. To get rid of such circumstances, get out of the vehicle as soon as you get shot.

4. Use of Vehicles
As we all know, Miramar is a big map that has a variety of vehicles on it. These vehicles are fast and very difficult to control. So, rather than utilizing a vehicle, always opt for a buggy in Miramar because it is very stable and can run on ridges smoothly.

5. Use of a Camo Outfit
Camo outfits have been popular in PUBG Mobile for a long time now. Why? This is because these outfits are the best if you are looking to survive throughout the game without being spotted or engaging in a fight. Why does a player want to survive more in a game? If you are a rank pusher and want to get a lot of positive ratings, you have to survive for a much longer time; otherwise, you'll lose many points.

6. Utilize Yellow Outfits
As I have mentioned earlier, Miramar is a map that is full of sand. So, everywhere you look, you will only find yellow places. To best utilize this to your advantage, what you can do is wear yellow or brownish clothes that will help you become invincible and give your enemies a hard time spotting you.

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