PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Guide Part 2

Dec 31

As a continuation of my previous post, I will continue to provide you all with some tips and tricks when you are playing in Miramar!

1. Use of Grenades
At the start of the article, we have discussed the importance of ridges and how they help you hide from enemies. But we should all remember the tips we use our enemies use as well. Most of the time, we engage in fights that involve ridges and both the parties taking cover of ridges. So, rushing on an enemy that is sitting behind a ridge is a death wish. What you can do is pin a grenade to the pinpoint location of your enemy, and boom, he's gone. Easy Peasy!

2. Use of Molotov Cocktail
Mostly referred to as molly, Molotov cocktails can come in handy when a squad is camping in a house or a room. It is not easy to rush on a squad that sits in all four corners. What you can do is use the perfect molly at the perfect spot so that you burn all your enemies and kill them by only using flames.

3. Use of Stun Grenade
In a map like Miramar, there are many situations when we encounter enemies sitting in the stairways or a room. To hit them without them knowing, use a stun grenade to stun your enemies and take the chance to rush towards your enemy while he can't see a thing. This will make you get rid of campers easily.

4. Use of Smoke Grenades
The tip I will tell you now can help you get clear of most of the enemies throughout the game and help you kill them without even noticing them. By chance, if you engage in a fight and your teammate gets knocked down, and enemies start to rush at you. Deploy to smoke grenades, one at your location and the other one a little far from you. This makes your enemy double-minded and makes him go to the wrong smoke area. Due to this, you can easily kill your enemy and hit him from behind.

5. Use of DMRs
As I mentioned earlier, utilizing a sniper in the Miramar map is one of the smartest things to do. But what should you do when you can't find a bolt action rifle? Well, there's nothing to worry about. Pick up any DMR and start hitting your enemies. DMRs usually are very helpful in long-range fights and require only 2-3 shots to kill your enemies.

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