PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Guide Part 3

Dec 31

As a continuation of my previous post, I will continue to provide you all with some tips and tricks when you are playing in Miramar.

1. Use of Brown Ghillie Suit
Ghillie suits are the most overpowered suits of PUBG Mobile. There is a special kind of ghillie suit known as the ghillie suit brown in a Miramar map. Never miss your chance to utilize this suit because it is very difficult to spot and can help you get many hiding opportunities.

2. Heal Battles
The heal battles are usually very rare but can come in handy when you know you cannot kill your enemy by engaging in a fight at the last zone when only two squads are left. So, what to do in these situations? Ask all your teammates to drop their first aids and ask them to go for a fight. If they kill the squad, you win, and if they don't, you will still win because one of the players of your squad has a lot of first aid and will not get killed by the zone.

3. Use of Suppressor
Suppressors come for ARs, Snipers, and SMGS. What is the use of a suppressor in the Miramar map? It is one of the big maps and doesn't have enough areas to hide. In such situations, the use of a suppressor will not give out your location to your enemies, making it hard for them to spot you.

4. Proper Attachments of Gun
The proper attachments of a gun make it more stable and powerful. Without these attachments, you may feel like you have lost control of the weapons you are holding. Please find the best possible attachments for your weapon and utilize them often in-game to get the best out of your weapons.

5. Least Crowded Places
The least crowded places are the places that are far away from the plane's path. To get to these places, you sometimes have to utilize a vehicle. These places can give you a good start in gaining the best possible loot in PUBG Mobile.

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