PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map Guide

Jan 03

Sanhok is regarded as a competitive map, with hot drops that aid in the development of close-range combat skills. This article will go through few PUBG Mobile Sanhok map tips that can help you improve your game.

1. Ghillie Suit
As I have discussed throughout the article, the Sanhok map has a lot of greenery and grass. To use this feature to your advantage, look out for drops and loot them for a ghillie suit. It will be very beneficial for you and help you get many kills without being spotted.

2. Use of Drop Weapons
Drop weapons are among the most powerful weaponry in PUBG Mobile. It is always recommended to utilise the drop gun "Groza" on a map like Sanhok. When engaged in close battle, a Groza will greatly assist you in killing your opponents.

3. Use of Pre-Fire
Pre-fire is one of the most useful tips on the Sanhok map, as well as other maps. Many professional gamers use pre-fire to kill their opponents. A pre-fire involves determining your opponent's next move and firing at that point even if your enemy is not at that stage. There's a good probability your opponent will end up in your pre-fire, resulting in an easy kill.

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