Let's talk about... Minsi!

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Dec 31

Let's talk about the newly revamped Minsi.

Check the pictures for information

Skill effects pictures Credits to Hororo Chan YT

You can check their YouTube channel for more information about Minsittar's revamp.

Revamped Minsi got new Passive!

. Minsi's basic atk and skills will give enemy heroes a mark

. 1 mark for 1 hit from basic atk or his skills

. Whenever his enemy heroes have been marked by his passive for 5 times his next basic atk or skill will detonate the marks to STUN the target heroes.

1st skill is still the same as before but it can now pull every enemy heroes in it's range

1st skill second phase

2nd skill has been revamped completely.

. Upon it's cast Minsi will slow all enemies in its range by 80% for 2s

. Minsi will enter this stance on picture for 3s, it is called the "Palanx State"

. During "Palanx State" Minsi will get 50% Damage Reduction from his front direction

. In "Palanx State" Minsi will stab in his front direction a bit faster

. The stab can deal Crit damage

. The stab's attack speed can be raised with Atk Spd items and Battle Spells
(Means that Corrosion Scythe, Golden Staff, Inspire etc will work on this skill)

The enhanced basic atk (stab) animation

Ult remains quite the same as before but with some small changes :

. Larger casting range
(Means that Minsi can jump even further than before)

. Smaller Ult range
(Means it will be easier for his enemies to run away from his Ult's range)

. The 4 guys that Minsi summoned can deal Crit damage

. The 4 guys basic atk speed can't be raised using Atk Spd items or battle spells.
(Means that Corrosion Scythe, Inspire etc won't work on the 4 guys)

Surely the best revamp for this year.

Furthermore Minsi can now be played as a real Fighter or even Jungler aside from a Roamer👹


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