[PMGC] All in Jakarta!

Jan 02 · Moderator

It was noticed that all of PMGC has reached Indonesia from their respective country, with the tournament coming close, Will Nova stay as champion?

About their flights,Asia teams has no problem whatsoever has during their flights (especially GeekFam) as most part of Asia stays the same climate which won't effect their performance.

Teams from OTHER region meanwhile, probably gonna have problem adjusting to hot climate of Indonesia and some might even get sick because the big difference. I hope the best for them (especially Brazilians team as they not only adapt to climate changes,but also endure a 40 hours flight)

That being said,as a small reminder PMGC will starts on 6th of January 2023,until the 8th, that's all from me today~

Fun fact: do you know that Malaysia is the only country that held 2 PUBG Mobile World Championship Offline? (One in 2019,Another in 2022)

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