Explosive Bow is coming in PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Jan 03

A new Bow is coming with new update. It is not a  Crossbow, here we will only talk about Bow. Which is different from crossbow. So, this Bow is going to be a popular weapon in PUBG Mobile 2.4 update.

Due to this Bow you not only give damage to enemies, it is also explosive. Which can harmful for your targeted enemies and even it can directly eliminate a enemy with 2 to 3 continuous firing.

Another plus point is range. You can take advantage of Bow long range to fight against your enemies. Also note that you can find this Bow in the specific location of the map in Martial arts arena mode.

Can't wait to use this explosive Bow I am very excited for 2.4 update. What you think about this explosive Bow? Share your thoughts in comments

Are you guys excited?

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