Franco's King of Hell review

Jan 04

Franco King of Hell's survey and skill effects.

Survey Winner
Theme : Shogun of the Dark Night

Survey loser
Theme : Dragon Rider Dwarf King

"By a birdcall I was led to the underworld, and in fear should King Yama tremble"

Idle animation 1

Idle animation 2


Passive active

1st skill

1st skill

"Die by my axe!"

"All bow before their king!"

"Mortals! I've return with thousand of servants!"

"What I've lost, I will take them back one by one"

Allied Dyroth : "Follow me Dyroth!"

By the term of background story, Franco get this dreaded look by defeating Shura Gashadokuro aka the original King of Hell thus becoming the King of Hell himself while Gashadokuro attached itself to him to give him it's power.

Shura Gashadokuro : the Two headed purple demon on Franco.

This person here is Dyroth aka student of Franco.

Dyroth is also a part of Franco's army, Dyroth loses his life after protecting Franco when they were back stabbed by Dyroth's own big brother.

Honestly the best skin for 2022.
100% Worth Every Dias spend.

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