Top 3 tank jungle heroes to help you reach Mythic in Mobile Legends

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Jan 04

Tank jungle heroes are on the rise in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

After a few hits and misses in competitive play, the tank jungle meta suddenly became popular among pro players starting in the 2022 season. In fact, it was so popular that ranked players followed suit, to great success.

There are a handful of heroes that can be played in the position. Here are three of the best tank jungle heroes to get you started in the Land of Dawn.

One of the best heroes in the current meta is Baxia. What makes this hero so effective is he can rotate around the map quickly with his first skill, Baxia-Shield Unity.

This also makes him a reliable ganker in the side lanes, as the skill stuns enemies who are caught in its wake.

His passive, Baxia Mark, also decreases the HP regen and shield of enemies who are hit by 30%, making him a solid pick in the current tank jungle meta.

Karina is officially listed as an assassin, but players have been building defensive items on her for quite some time.

Karina already has sufficient base damage from her skills, and building tank items on her make her more lethal in team fights.

She is so strong in ranked games that most players end up banning her every game. If for some reason she’s not banned, lock her in immediately.

Akai can be played in the EXP lane, jungle, or roam, unlike before when he was only viable as a roamer who mainly sets up team fights.

All his reworked skills mark enemy heroes. Body Slam was also tweaked, making it easier to cast and more effective in setting up his ultimate, Hurricane Dance.

Since most of his damaging skills scale with HP, building pure defensive items on him is advisable. If you want a fun hero to play in the jungle that will surely catch opponents off guard, Akai is your guy.

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