3 best gold lane mage heroes to counter marksmen in Mobile Legends

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Jan 04

Who is the best gold lane mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Marksman heroes frequent the gold lane, while mage heroes are more commonly found in the mid lane. However, there are still some mage heroes in the Land of Dawn who fare well in the gold lane, especially against marksmen.

In no particular order, here are three gold lane mage heroes who are good answers to the rising gold lane marksman meta.

Gold lane mage hero Lylia has been rising in popularity ever since the gold lane marksman meta developed.

Her skills are great at punishing mispositioned enemies. Coupled with her burst potential, she is a solid pick against squishy heroes.

Indonesian analyst Mochammad Ryan “KB” Batistuta is also of the opinion that Lylia is a counter to almost all marksman in the Land of Dawn.

Next on the list is Pharsa. Even though the Wings of Vengeance is usually played in the mid lane, she can also work well in the gold lane thanks to her long-ranged skills such as Feathered Airstrike.

What makes her even more powerful in the gold lane is her mobility, which works wonders if the enemy gold laner is without a hard crowd control support.

The most banned in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang so far, Valentina is perfect as a gold lane mage hero as she can work around any marksman in the game.

Aside from her ability to imitate the enemy’s ultimate, Valentina’s Arcane Shade and Shadow Strike can burst down any marksman easily.

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