PUBG Mobile Best Audio Settings

Jan 04

PUBG Mobile is a game that uses tactics and strategies, but the most underrated setting of PUBG Mobile is the audio setting. The audio setting in PUBG Mobile is the one that can help you ace your enemies and kill them without getting in trouble, leaving your opponent stunned and wondering what hit him.
The audio settings of PUBG Mobile are to be set carefully, and if not correctly set, they can also be a reason for your death in-game. So, to help you guys out, I will be talking about the best PUBG Mobile audio settings that you should use to have the upper hand over your enemies. So, let us get started:

1). Enlarge Mini Map
Well, most people think that mini-map has nothing to do with the sound quality, and I hate to say that they're wrong. A mini-map is the best assistant if you want to play your game based on sounds. A smaller mini-map cannot be much help as it is difficult to see the steps of enemies.
How Mini Map Solves The Problem:
A Large mini-map can help distinguish the steps of a person or a vehicle symbol. A mini-map and sounds are directly related as it helps determine whether the sound is coming from the ground floor, first floor, third floor, etc.

2). High Master Sounds
Many players do not use master sounds because they do not understand what they mean. It is one of the most critical sound settings of PUBG Mobile. Master sounds are known as the overall sounds such as firing, walking, driving, jumping, plane incoming, etc. Setting the master sounds to low costs you the game. 
How High Master Sounds Solved The Problem:
High master sounds help you hear your surroundings quickly. For example, you can listen to your teammates walk fire and drive a vehicle with high master sounds.
How to Apply High Master Sounds:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Below the Low, High, Ultra Sounds
  • Select high on Master Sounds

3). High UI Sounds
Most of the players prefer to use low UI sounds. Well, according to me it is one of the mistakes that can cost you your game. A low UI can sometimes be the reason that you might end up being killed. How? Well, the ammo in your gun may be low, and you thought that you have already reloaded it. 
How High UI Sounds Solves The Problem:
High UI Sounds are the sounds that only you hear. It helps you determine whether you have reloaded your gun, thrown a grenade, thrown stuff out of your bag, etc.
How to Apply High UI Sounds:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Below Master Sounds
  • Tick the High UI Option

What do you think about these tips? Please leave it at the comment section below!

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