Daily Topic: Who is the most op hero in the current meta

Jan 05

As for the op heroes, everyone would talk about Leomord, Martis, Atlas and Joy, and yet, they’re banned almost all the time. Today, we will discuss those who are not always banned and they’re stronger than the others.

As for the roaming role, I would think that the most op hero currently is Carmilla. She has ān unique ulti that links up to 5 enemies together. In other words, she can link the whole enemy and the team’s single target brust heroes can deal damage to multiple targets, which makes her become a better option than the others.

As for the gold laner role, I would say that Lesley and Karrie are the best right now. Both of them deal true damage and can melt down tanks easily. I would also say that beatrix is a good choice because of her different weapons, but her difficulty is way higher than Karrie and Lesley so I wouldn’t recommend her.

As for the exp laner role, I would like to recommend Ruby and Fredrinn. If Martis is opened, people who can use him should pick him right away as his skill set is complete and he is op right now, but he’s banned almost all the time. Ruby and Fredrinn is rarely banned, and they can soak up damages and act as a tank if the roamer is a squishy healer. both of them has strong controlling abilities and therefore makes the enemy cry because how strong their cc abilities are.

As for the jungler, Gusion and Aamon are currently the best choice. The paxley brothers has high brust damage and can easily melt down marksman and mages. Because they deal magic damage, marksmen couldn’t use wind of nature to immune to their damage. This is the reason why they’re better than physical assassins.

The last role I’m going to talk about is the mid-laner role. The best choice for the current meta are Cecilion, Kagura and Kadita. Cecilion can still stack up his damage and can deal destructive damage in the late game, while Kagura and Kadita have great mobility and both of them can avoid cc effects. Kagura and Kadita also have high brust damage alongside with their mobility, which make them a better choice than the others.

These are what I think about the current meta. Are there any other thoughts? let me know in the comments!

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