[PMGC] Miramar DropSpot Prediction

Jan 05 · Moderator

There's no way I can only show 1 map prediction based on Test Match can I🤔 here are the teams dropspot for Miramar test matches and my prediction on it:

Alpha 7-El Pozo
AlterEgo Limax-El Pozo
Vampire-La Cobreria
DRS-Water Treatment
GeekFam-Cruz del Valle
Stalwart Godlike-San Martin
iNCO-Hacienda del Patron
Influence Chemin-El Azahar
IHC-Monte Nuevo
S2G-Power Grid
Nova Tencent-Minas Generals/Graveyard
Trained 2 Kill-La Bendita
4 Angry Men-Los Leones
Fire Flux-Chumacera

A fight gonna happen in El Pozo,which means it is actually wise that GeekFam moved from their initial dropspot and went for 4RVL dropspot during their final outing. Other than that we can see that most teams decided to drop closer to the middle which is ideal for this new circle shift.

Miramar is a land full of opportunities,who do you think will get the eagle eyes title from this map full of sniping chances?

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