Playoff M4 World Championship: Echo Vs Team HAQ Analysis.

Jan 06

Lets talk about Echo vs Team HAQ


This is the first time these two team met in official matches. When we talk about these two teams strong point, Echo has a lots of hero pool than Team HAQ. And its hard to predict what hero composition Echo will use. In other hand Team HAQ also have creative style of play especially in laning stage as recently, they using marksman play in EXP Lane.

But in this match, the crowd heavily favors Echo not because they are the top 1 of Group C, it was they beaten RRQ Hoshi from Indonesia, as one of the big teams in M4 World Championship.

Will Team HAQ be able to find a better strategy to stop Echo or will Echo trample Team HAQ and move to the next stage? Lets find out in M4 World Championship!!!

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