[PMGC] Sanhok DropSpot Prediction

Jan 08 · Moderator

As time coming to close and today is the day of PMGC, here is my last prediction on the least played map on PMGC, Sanhok:

Vampire-Ha Tinh
IHC-Khao/Tat Mok
Trained 2 Kill-Mongnai
AlterEgo Limax-Camp Alpha
Wolves-L Bridge house
Influence Chemin-Bootcamp
Stalwart Godlike-Bootcamp
S2G-Paradise Resort
4 Angry Men-Camp Bravo
Alpha 7-Lakawi/Kampong
Fire Flux-Quarry
Nova Tencent-Painan
iNCO-Camp Charlie

In this map prediction,we can see there will be another fight in Bootcamp which is becoming a norm nowadays. Alpha 7 meanwhile,having 2 dropspots would means having a lot more resources,but with healing meta becoming irrelevant,is it wise?

Wolves eSports playing without a proper dropspot instead chose to scrap loot in housing area near the middle (which first introduced by Yoodo Gank back in 2020) but allow them for easy rotation and blocking.

With all maps covered,who do you think will be the king of the jungle?

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