Daily Topic : How to counter Karrie in current patch?

Jan 06

Lets talk about how to fight Karrie in current patch and meta.

Now Karrie are one of overpowered Marksman that recently into meta after the buffs and the rework of the item Corrosion Scythe. Mostly if Karrie isnt banned and the enemy first picked it, how we going to fight?

Here are three heroes that can counter Karrie.

1. Lolita

Lolita can block Karrie projectiles attack with her Guardian Bulwark (2nd skill) , thus block her passive from activated. She also have Charge! (1st skill) to lock down Karrie and Noumenon Blast (Ultimate) to initiate war and lockdown any hero that in her shaped cone blast area. She also has Noumenon Energy Core (Passive) that gives herself and nearby ally that lasts 20 sec if Lolita takes no damage for 5 second.

2. Chou

Chou also one of the greatest counter for Karrie especially if she doesnt have Purify. Chou are one of the most highest mobility hero that can catch Karrie with his Jeet Kune Do (1st skill) that can dash 3 times and ended with his 3rd active skill that is knockup cc, Shunpo (2nd skill) that can dash and gives him CC immunity, shield and Physical Penetration to improve his damage and lastly the deadly The Way of The Dragon (Ultimate) that can kick Karrie out of position and Chou can activate again this skill when Karrie is in mid air to strike again and gives more damage and CC duration, making him one of the deadly counter of Karrie.

3. Natalia.

Natalia also one of the deadliest counter for Karrie as when she gain invisibility after some period on time in bushes, she can making suprise attack with her Assassin Instinct (Passive) that not only gives damage, but can instantly silence Karrie, making her unable to run away from her. She also have Smoke Bomb (2nd skill) to slow Karrie inside the smoke and making Natalia immune to any basic attack. If Karrie manages to make some space between her, she can catch up with Claw Dash (1st skill) to get close to Karrie and using skill The Hunt (Ultimate), makes her trigger her passive again to silence karrie while inflicting huge damage. And this skill can be activated twice. Making Karrie are hopeless against Natalia.

What do u guys think? Have more hero to suggest about counter Karrie? Let us know by comment down below.

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