Playoff M4 World Championship: Todak Vs RRQ Hoshi Analysis.

Jan 06

Lets talk about the match between Todak VS RRQ Hoshi



RRQ Hoshi

These two teams have met each other twice in MSC 2022 and M3 World Championship. Both of these clash are ended in RRQ Hoshi victory 3 - 0 (MSC 2022) and 3 - 1 (M3 World Championship). RRQ Hoshi are known to be more better quality gameplay with high individual skills especially on Albertt (Jungler) , R7 (Exp Laner) and Vyn (Roamer). To be more precise, they have a lot of experience and skills if compare to Todak. But Today also has their own speciality as their creativity in draft with huge hero pool and always have hidden strategy, making them one of the team that cant be taken lightly with.

Still these 2 clash proves RRQ Hoshi always come out top than Todak. But will this matchup at Playoff proves different as Todak are in good form by not losing a single match in Group Stage. Will Todak claim their first victory against RRQ Hoshi or will RRQ Hoshi trample Todak again?

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