[PMGC] The Brazilians Killer

Jan 07 · Moderator

The first day of PMGC GrandFinals started and ended with a bang✨✨✨ with some favourites being at the bottom and underdogs staying on top of the leaderboard 👀

The most important thing to note is that all of China's team is miraculously on the second page of the leaderboard while the top 3 are all occupied by Brazilian teams. Vitória Brasilll🔥🔥🔥

The surprising performance from iNCO is also something unexpected as they was on the verge of losing their slots during the LCQ, the chicken dinner on the last match of the last day is the keymaker of their success (Beating HVVP and TiTan by 1 point). Which their performance on Day 1,it can be said that they're no one time wonder.

A7 and INFc are both great teams with experienced players that played PMGC before (their players literally just changed between the two teams). With A7 veteran's instinct built since PMGC 2020, it is undoubtedly they learning from their past and improve upon themselves.

With all being said,does that means SEA is no longer the strongest region?

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